For the love of 王力宏 Wang Lee Hom

Sasha | January 13, 2012 | Comments (6)

It was love at first sight the moment I locked eyes on him.

He was handsome, talented, he could play guitar and he could sing songs that would sent ripples to the depths of my soul.  His eye’s gazed deeply into mine in a way that said I will take care of you, I will love you with every fiber of my being.

His name was Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 and he was the guy to take my Chinese guy crush virginity away from me with one song and a long gaze.

You see I may have lived in China for 2 years but in all that time I’ve never even come close to dating a Chinese guy. No Chinese guys even want to ask me out!

Apparently many of us foreign girls can be quite intimidating with our independent, wild spirits and crazy dance moves that don’t involve continuously pointing our finger’s in the air like we’re pointing out how amazing that chandelier is in the Chinese nightclub. Apparently strong willed foreign girls are not someone you want to take home to Mama (Mum) and Baba (Dad) over Chinese New Year unless of course Mama and Baba are very open minded so It takes a very special Chinese guy to even have the desire to ask a foreign girl out!

Now I know what some of you were probably thinking… “Yeah sure Sasha they don’t ask you out, excuses, excuses, but in reality your just like those stereotypical foreign girls in China who refuse to date Chinese guys because simply they are  Chinese.”

Well I’ll have you know it’s not like that at all! Sure it’s true for many foreign girls and they will very openly talk about their non-desire to date a Chinese guy but I’m not one of them.

I’m not against dating a Chinese guy if given the opportunity and as I said to one of my 16 year male old students who asked me…

“Teacher, do you want Chinese boyfriend?”

Taken aback and not entirely sure whether that was his way of asking out his teacher I promptly responded…

“I’ll date anyone who’s kind, outgoing, funny, cute and can dance regardless of nationality”

And that statement was 100% true, I’m not against dating a Chinese guy if he meets the criteria, obviously I just haven’t yet met any that meet the criteria!…

And then there he was, Wang Lee Hom, and boy did he meet the criteria! It was just too bad that we were locking eyes through the KTV screen!

Big City, Small Love 大城小愛 the song that started it all!…

Like all my “love’s at first sight’s” I met Wang Lee Hom through a music video and since the moment I heard his sweet voice I have been obsessed with him like a 16 year old Chinese school girl.

Now not exactly obsessed like actually stalking him for real or any of that madness, but stalking him on facebook and any advertising poster or billboard with his picture on it, oh I’ve got that covered!

But it doesn’t stop at billboards, it extends to listening to his songs on repeat while riding the metro to work each morning.

It extends to learning the lyrics to his songs in a language I don’t even speak well.

It extends to picking up a brochure for a phone I don’t need nor ever intend to buy just because it has a picture of him on the cover.

It extends to walking into that shop just because it was playing his song.

It extends to talking to every Chinese person I can about Wang Lee Hom whether it’s pointing out to the street side DVD sales vendor that that shop next door is playing a Wang Lee Hom song or telling the lady at the Sony Ericsson shop selling the phone I don’t even need that I like Wang Lee Hom.

Luckily for me randomly mentioning Wang Lee Hom always goes down a treat because as it seems every women and girl in China is in love with Wang Lee Hom! In fact I get quite a bit of street cred from my Chinese roomie and other Chinese friends for being a Lee Hom lover!

But it looks like I’m in with a lot of competition if I’m ever to win Wang Lee Hom’s heart 心, only over 600 million other women  to compete with and that doesn’t even take into account his Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Japanese fans etc.

Finger’s crossed he gives me brownie points for singing his songs at KTV even if I don’t understand a word I’m singing!

P.S. I apologize in advance if I bombard you with Lee Hom songs in the weekly  “中国 Song Spotlight”

Who’s you’re favourite Chinese, Taiwanese or Hong Kong singer?

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About Sasha: Sasha is a sassy Aussie lassie who is living it up as an expat in Shanghai. When she’s not teaching English or slaving away writing her next story she can be found scheming her next grand travel adventure, dancing up a storm at Shanghai’s hippest clubs and taking an uncountable number of photos of random things. View author profile.

Comments (6)

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  1. Sally says:

    Ooo, weee! He is a cutie. I’m sadly not very up-and-up on my Chinese pop stars, so usually I just drool over the guys on the billboards without actually knowing who they are. Now, at least, I can put a face with a name!

    • Sasha says:

      Oh yeah he’s a cutie, and a cutie on a lot of billboards for all us tragic’s to longingly gaze at! :D Actually I was just discussing with my roomate which wall to cover in framed Leehom pictures printed from Google, apparently that’s going a bit too far! *sigh*

  2. Amy says:

    I Loooove 王力宏!!

  3. OMG! you cant steal my husband! haha that is what i tell my chinese friends when they find out that i not only like him but obsess over him. I to stalk, stare and even photograph myself with his ads. I also love that being in china means he is everywhere. of course i want to go to a concert since i am on this side of the world, but go figure he is touring the US.

    • Sasha says:

      I hear ya! I really wanted to go to his Shanghai concert and wasn’t able and still am seriously considering going to Taipei in March for the final concert of his tour, though sadly I don’t think my back account would allow me! Oh I so desperately want to see him in the flesh! We could start a freaky fan group “Foreign Gals for Wang Lee Hom!” haha :P

  4. Oh, let me be your Chinese guy! I am kind, outgoing, funny, cute and can dance and I look like Lee Hom 力宏 and our surname is also the same. Except I am cuter. Just joking, except for the surname. Lee Hom is also one of my favourite Chinese singers and he looks great to boot. It helps that he is everywhere on billboards and columns so that you would not feel like you miss him. Since you like him enough to learn and sing his songs maybe this will bring you an unexpected bonus – learning Mandarin. Learning a language through songs is one of the easier and pleasanter ways to go about it. With Lee Hom to inspire you, why not? Go for it girl! Who knows, one day you might get to meet your idol and surprise him by speaking in Mandarin!

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