Small Towns Can Have “Playboy Stores” Too!

Sasha | August 1, 2011 | Comments (2)

Unless you have been living under a rock, the online world has been going crazy with interest over the pictures a fellow blogger BirdAbroad took at the “Fake Apple” stores in Kunming.  The western media were quick to pick up this story from USA Today to Business Insider and Yahoo News making I’m sure many blogger’s me included wishing we had posted pictures first.  YES people fake “Apple Stores” are no news flash to anyone living in China.  I’ve been past and even walked in to so many I couldn’t even count how many on both hands of everyone in a crowd of 20!

Another not so much of a newsflash: everything seems to be a knockoff in China (I say this very generally!), always suspect it’s a knockoff first and if it turns out to be the real deal then YAY! Everything from fake Nike, Adidas and Kappa stores and more can be found on the busiest shopping streets in some of China’s smallest cities and towns.  But by far one of the most common (and don’t ask me why) seems to be the Playboy stores, now I can’t confirm all the ones I’ve seen are fake but considering the towns they’re in are not exactly 1. the largest towns and 2. the richest towns, one can assume they’re not actually authentic.

I stumbled upon one of these “fake” Playboy stores in Wuyi Shan scenic resort town located in northern Fujian province.  Not only is this town tiny (I suspect only 50 people live there it’s that quiet!) and far from even having a shopping street let alone a Playboy store there it was, down a side street of dirty restaurants, scooter repair shops and a multitude of other random shops you find in small Chinese towns.  But what I think is the funniest thing about this store boasting the playboy name, it didn’t even appear to sell any Playboy merchandise!  Not a naughty magazine, not a rhinestone studded G-string, not a lacy pink bra, not a shiny velour tracksuit and not even the fake stuff!  This was a home wares store disguised as a Playboy store, maybe just maybe to lure curious people such as myself in through their doors hoping for something a little bit saucy.

Fake Playboy Store Wu Yi Shan

I wonder what Hugh Hefner would have to say about this? Do you think this store would ever feature on his Playboy store world tour? It should, there is some pretty spectacular sights around this town! He could even land his private jet at the nearby airport.

Street in Wuyi Shan

…and would you believe this (above) is the very same street as the “Playboy Store!”

So move over “Fake Apple Stores” we’re over hearing about you!  But “Fake Stores” in China, oh I’m just getting started!

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  1. maybe its for chinese playboys who need to decorate the flat where they bring their women? hehe

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